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Dear friends! Starting from Monday, Dec.14 our studio is going under lockdown till the 4ofJanuary 2021:(
but the good news is

😌all classes will continue online! No excuse to skip practice!:) how to get online - read in previous posts

😌 You can use your current cards to cover online classes

😌if you do not have opportunity to do online classes, your cards will be extended 3 weeks after opening, whenever it can be.

😌online classes in December are with super discount! Only 5 eur/class

😌we launch new class “Friday evening meditation” with Marina at 20:30

☺️Individual private sessions are allowed! Contact us directly!So let the practice be support and beneficial for you🙏 we stand by you! #keepcalmandmeditate

Peterburi tee 46, k.309, Tallinn 
(+372) 55695507
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